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'Follow The Yellow Brick Road'


My husband and I recently attended a performance of the Wizard of Oz at Reitz Memorial High School in Evansville. I have seen this in movie form many, many times over the years. It entertained, fascinated and scared me a little each time I watched it.    But I found myself watching and listening in a different way on that evening. God never fails to remind me of what our lives should be about, and this show helped me to remember this with its famous lines.


I would first like to commend the cast, crew, musicians, director and all who helped make that performance happen. It was an amazing show! How fun it was to see the personalities and talent as we enjoyed each scene from each character. I know it took an incredible amount of time and sacrifice to make this performance happen. 


“Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” How often do we face that challenge of doing what God asks of us even when the unknown looms in front of us? Dorothy found herself in a strange place, far from home, encouraged by strangers to follow this road to find the help she needed to get back home. 


When I was faced with the prospect of something challenging in my life, I know how Dorothy felt.  It was then that I turned to God for the strength and encouragement I needed to make a decision. If Dorothy hadn’t taken that “Yellow Brick Road,” she never would have learned all the valuable lessons along the way. If I hadn’t taken my own road, guided by God, I never would have found the great blessings that came with each challenge in life.


“Lions, tigers and bears … oh, my!”  I always love this famous line. As Dorothy traveled her road, she found friends in the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion. Each of them also was looking for what they needed to make their lives better. But if we allow ourselves to be afraid of what might be out there, we may miss out on something really amazing that God wants us to experience!  Instead of being afraid of that lion, she and the others found the needed help.  Together, we can do great things, if we only trust in our God.


“Pull yourself together,” was the quote when times got bad and things looked dark.  I need to hear that at times when I lose patience and want to just give up. But it is in those down times that I learn the most and feel the love of our God.


“There is no place like home,” and home is where we find our comfort. After a long journey, during which Dorothy and her friends battled many obstacles – including the “wicked witch” who wanted those “ruby shoes,” the flying monkeys and the guards – they finally reached their destination, only to find disappointment with the Wizard of Oz. 


It was then that they had to stop and take a look at themselves to realize that they had what they needed all along. At times, we have trouble seeing. Our foggy perceptions and blind spots limit the clear spiritual vision we need.  We have to call to Jesus, who asks of us, “What do you want of me to do for you?”  And the answer is “we want to see.”  Knowing our faith, Jesus helps us to take a better look at things. Love says that Jesus will never tire of giving us sight. Hope says we are never to stop asking. Finding your way “home” is where we will find our answers to the questions of life.


I am so grateful for having the chance to sit in the audience that night and watch those talented young people bring to life a classic that has been a part of my life. I’m also grateful for the reminder from God of how the lines and scenes from this play can also be the way he wants us to look at life and respond, with his help and guidance.  So follow your “Yellow Brick Road;” and with God’s love, you will find your way to the “Emerald City” he has chosen for you.