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We Are All Disciples Of Christ

By Zoe Cannon
Zoe Cannon

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked” (Luke 12:48). 


God the creator of life has blessed us!  Our trust and faithfulness to Him are important because so much of what we believe is a mystery. Scripture tells us that we are created in the image and likeness of God, and yet each person is unique and unrepeatable. God’s proven love is awe-inspiring! He has entrusted each of us to use our individual capabilities for building up His Kingdom here on earth. 


On April 14, Andrew Thomas, and Luke Hassler were ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacon, and next year they will be ordained as priests of the Diocese of Evansville. It was an emotional day for many reasons. When the bishop, priests, and deacons of a diocese convene together in one church, it gives you a great feeling of affirmation. 


The Rite of Ordination to the Sacred Order of Deacon was celebrated in the oldest church in Indiana, the Basilica of St. Francis Xavier in Vincennes.  The history and the presence of holy people are felt in this church. Four bishops who ministered and educated young men to seminary in the 1800’s are buried in the crypt below the church – most notably, Servant of God Bishop Simon Bruté.  The college seminary in Indianapolis where Andrew and Luke began their formation to priesthood bears his name. The late Archbishop Daniel Buechlein established the seminary for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis in 2004, after purchasing the Carmelite Monastery on Cold Springs Road. In 2005, Archbishop Daniel opened the cause for canonization for Bishop Simon Bruté.    


We all play roles in furthering the mission of Christ. I have known Andrew and Luke since they were in middle school and high school, through youth ministry and “Teens Encounter Christ.” Supporting their journeys with prayer and encouragement gives me great joy! In his homily during the ordination, Bishop Joseph M. Siegel reminded everyone, “We cannot give what we do not have.”  This thought-provoking statement encourages us to be empowered with the knowledge and love of God, and then to give it all away!  Today’s society is in constant battle with truth, and Christ is counting on us!


The families and friends gathered for this ordination are belong to a community that believes and supports the love of God in their lives.A strong family is at the heart of a healthy society; and without good Catholic families, the opportunity for holy priests would be limited.  The Holy Family was created through the obedience of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Incarnation and miraculous birth of Jesus our Savior.  God’s plan for marriage and family are clearly defined throughout salvation history. 


During the “Year of the Family” in 1994, St. Pope John Paul II reminded us that there would never be renewals of the Church and the world without renewals of marriage and family. A saint of our times, he proclaimed tremendous responsibilities upon us! This 24-year-old message is more important today than ever before. Where much is given, much is expected! 


Pray for all vocations: marriage, priesthood, consecrated single life and religious life.  Every person is an unrepeatable blessing in the eyes of God! We are divine and physical, and we need the grace of God to sustain our souls – just as food nourishes our bodies. The priesthood provides the sacraments and grace that strengthen our marriages and families with a path to holiness, where God’s plan is always perfect!  Amen!