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Corpus Christi Students Bring Art To Life


Amber Martin’s seventh-grade class at Corpus Christi School in Evansville has been channeling their inner Dr. Frankenstein, bringing to life monsters created by their kindergarten buddies.

    Kindergarteners drew their own interpretations of monsters earlier in the year, without being told what the true intent was for the drawings.  The seventh-graders took these creations, and after studying concept art, engineering, graphic design, marketing and product development, brought the drawings to life by creating three-dimensional models.  The toys were painted using the colors the kindergarteners picked, and were packaged with a backstory created specifically for each monster.  

The seventh-graders surprised the Kindergarten class on May 8 by presenting their monster toys as gifts for the kindergarteners to keep.  

    The collaborative project was very rewarding for all involved. “I created a lesson that would be cross-curriculum and a surprise for our kindergarten students,” Martin said. “This was one of the most special and precious events I have been a part of.”