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Diocese Of Evansville 'twin Parishes'


Parishes across the Diocese of Evansville have worked with the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas to develop relationships with Haitian parishes. The Message has reported on mission trips our parishioners have made to their twin parishes, and we will continue to do so in the future.

Following is a list of parishes provided by PTPA that includes the Diocese of Evansville Parish and its twin in Haiti:


  • St. Mary Parish, Sullivan; Twin parish in Haiti: Acul du Nord (Diocese of Cap-Haïtien)     
  • St. Joan of Arc Parish, Jasonville; project in Haiti: Foyer de la Divine Providence (Diocese of Gonaïves)
  • St. Boniface Parish, Evansville; twin parish in Haiti: Carrefour-des-Pères (Diocese of Cap Haïtien)    
  • Blessed Sacrament Parish, Oakland City; twin parish in Haiti: Magagnosse-Labadie (Diocese of Cap Haïtien)
  • Good Shepherd Parish, Evanville; twin parish in Haiti: Pilate(Diocese of Cap Haïtien)
  • St. Joseph Parish, Vanderburgh County; twin parish in Haiti: Plaine du Nord (Diocese of Cap Haïtien)
  • St. Francis Xavier Parish, Poseyville; twin parish in Haiti: Ravine-Trompette (Diocese of Cap Haïtien)         
  • St. Martin I Parish, Chrisney; twin parish in Haiti: Thibeau (Diocese of Cap Haïtien)
  • St. John the Evangelist Parish, Daylight; twin parish in Haiti: Capotille (Diocese of Fort-Liberté)     
  • St. John the Baptist Parish, Newburgh; twin parish in Haiti: Grand-Bassin (Diocese of Fort-Liberté)
  • Holy Family Parish, Jasper; twin parish in Haiti: Dupity (Diocese of Fort-Liberté)
  • St. Peter Parish, Linton; tin parish in Haiti: Les Perches (Diocese of Fort-Liberté)
  • St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Dale; twin parish in Haiti: Terrier-Rouge (Diocese of Fort-Liberté)
  • Holy Rosary Parish, Evansville; twin parish in Haiti: La Tortue (Diocese of Port-de-Paix) 
  • St. Benedict Cathedral Parish, Evansville; twin parish in Haiti : Cathedral of Port-de-Paix (Diocese of Port-de-Paix)   
  • St. Bernard Parish, Rocjport ; twin parish in Haiti : Gaspard (Diocese of Port-de-Paix)
  • St. Joseph Parish, Jasper; twin parish in Haiti: La Croix St. Joseph (Diocese of Port-de-Paix)
  • St. Wendel Parish, St. Wendel; twin parish in Haiti: Baie-de-Henne (Diocese of Port-de-Paix)