Southwestern Indiana's Catholic Community Newspaper

Easter 2017

By Bishop Charles C. Thompson

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,


    Let us rejoice in the Risen Lord, who has won victory for us over sin and death!  His tomb is empty that our hearts may be full.  The radiance of His Glory dispels the darkness of fear, doubt, guilt, shame, vengeance and evil.  He has restored the dignity of all humanity and creation which had been lost by original sin and beyond the reach of mere human merit.  


    The first witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus Christ were surprised to find the large stone rolled away and the tomb empty.  This would have been beyond anyone’s imagination.  Even today, there are many who find it difficult or impossible to believe.  Those first believers who were so privileged to experience the Risen Lord were also given a mandate to proclaim the Good News to others.  By the grace of God, that message continues to be proclaimed around the world today.  


    Called to holiness and mission, we must seek to roll away stones rather than to allow ourselves or others to be buried in fear, ignorance, prejudice and isolation.  Many are in need of hearing the Good News.  Like those first believers, today’s believers are privileged and bound to give witness of our encounter with the Risen Lord Jesus Christ.  We encounter Him in Word and Sacrament, in Worship and Service, in ourselves and persons of all faith, but especially in the poor and vulnerable.  In the Easter event, we celebrate God’s power to transform hearts, lives, relationships and all of creation.  Embracing the Risen Lord, we look to our own resurrection.  


                        Blessed Easter,


                        Bishop Charles C. Thompson