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USCCB Administrative Committee Announces Actions Regarding Sexual Abuse

By U.S. Conference Of Catholic Bishops

WASHINGTON – On Sept. 19, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Administrative Committee issued a statement in response to the recent sex-abuse scandals. The bishops pledge to “heal and protect with every bit of the strength God provides us.” Following is an excerpt from the statement, which can be viewed in full at

Turning to the Lord

When each of us was ordained as a bishop, we were told: 

‘Keep watch over the whole flock in which the Holy Spirit has appointed you to shepherd the Church of God.’ 

We, the Administrative Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, assembled last week in Washington at this time of shame and sorrow.  Some bishops, by their actions or their failures to act, have caused great harm to both individuals and the Church as a whole. They have used their authority and power to manipulate and sexually abuse others. They have allowed the fear of scandal to replace genuine concern and care for those who have been victimized by abusers.  For this, we again ask forgiveness from both the Lord and those who have been harmed. Turning to the Lord for strength, we must and will do better. 

 The Administrative Committee took the following actions within its authority: 

  • Approved the establishment of a third-party reporting system that will receive confidentially, by phone and online, complaints of sexual abuse of minors by a bishop and sexual harassment of or sexual misconduct with adults by a bishop and will direct those complaints to the appropriate ecclesiastical authority and, as required by applicable law, to civil authorities. 
  • Instructed the USCCB Committee on Canonical Affairs and Church Governance to develop proposals for policies addressing restrictions on bishops who were removed or resigned because of allegations of sexual abuse of minors or sexual harassment of or misconduct with adults, including seminarians and priests. 
  • Initiated development of a Code of Conduct for bishops regarding the sexual abuse of a minor; sexual harassment of or sexual misconduct with an adult; or negligence in the exercise of his office related to such cases.

  • Supported a full investigation into the situation surrounding Archbishop McCarrick, including his alleged assaults on minors, priests, and seminarians, as well any responses made to those allegations.  Such an investigation should rely upon lay experts in relevant fields, such as law enforcement and social services.

This is only a beginning.  Consultation with a broad range of concerned parents, experts, and other laity along with clergy and religious will yield additional, specific measures to be taken to repair the scandal and restore justice. We humbly welcome and are grateful for the assistance of the whole people of God in holding us accountable.