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Much Has Changed

By Kaitlin Klein

Much has changed. I’m sure every new Mom can relate after coming home with her newborn. There have been many physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual changes and adjustments in the past month for me. An important category of change that I’ve been reflecting on is identity: how I view myself and my roles; how others view me; and how my life now allows and encourages me to see my relationship with others and with the Lord and the Body of Christ differently.


I went from working full-time and having a busy evening schedule to spending hours on the couch nursing my daughter and the rest of my day taking care of and spending time with her, while trying to find time to sleep and eat. I now have someone completely dependent on me, and I don’t hesitate to try to satisfy her every need. When she cries, I hope to calm her as soon as I can, and I delight in her every smile and coo and her cute little fingers and toes. She is quite a blessing from God, who has given her to my husband and me to raise to love and serve Him. My husband pointed out that our daughter’s reliance on us is a picture of our relationship with God, and now we can understand that relationship in a new way. We are totally dependent on the Lord. We can’t do anything without Him, and when we cry to Him, He hurries to calm and comfort us, if we let ourselves become like little children and accept His help. The Lord delights in His creation and wishes to lead us to a beautiful life as his children, ending in eternal life with Him. How often I am reminded of this loving relationship each day.


I have a much greater respect for all mothers and the love and sacrifice it takes to raise a child. I especially am growing closer to Mary, who went through the struggles and joys of motherhood. If I am lonely, tired, or struggling with the many tasks now required of me, I can pray to Mary and trust in her presence. As St. Francis de Sales said, “Let us run to Mary and as her little children cast ourselves into her arms with perfect confidence.” She is a source of comfort and strength.


With my changed life comes a different prayer life and a new view of my relationship with the Lord and His Church. It is different, but just right for my new role. God guides our journeys and provides the graces necessary, wherever we are and whatever our vocation. We should expect no less from a loving Father who treasures His children.